Founded in 1980, Domingo Mangone S.A. is the first company in the Argentine Republic to produce plastic caps with tamper-evident ring and child-resistant, plastic bottles, rubber stopper, rubber bulbs, rubber discs, dropper sets and accessories for the pharmaceutical industry.

In the year 1998 we inaugurate the new production and administration plant located in the City of San Miguel, 30 km from the Capital City of Buenos Aires, positioning ourselves since then as the only national company to own:

  • Centralized in the same establishment the manufacturing processes of rubber products for the pharmaceutical industry, injection strech blow molding, injection molding, screen printing and pad printing, tooling and product engineering, manufacturing, administration and sales.
  • Certification from the National Institute of Industrial Technology -INTI- to 18 and 28 mm Tamper-evident ring and Child-resistant plastic caps according to the tests of IRAM Standard No. 3590-94, established in resolution No. 730/98 of the Ministry
    of Industry, Commerce and Mining.
  • Manufacture of international quality rubber stoppers, droppers and discs for pharmaceutical applications.


The company also has an Engineering Department for the development of automatic machines, with the aim of maintaining excellence in service and technical advice to its clients.

We recently expanded our plant to more than 12,000 covered m2.

With this increase in covered area, our functional space and
warehousing, shipping, logistics, and internal dining areas, significantly increasing our anufacturing capacities and reducing the time between purchase order and the delivery of our products.

As we expand the company to meet the future needs of our clients, whom we serve, we invest whatever is necessary to provide the best quality products and services domestically and internationally.

In our new warehouse, with more than 3000 m2 covered, we store Approved final products for our clients, until their need with free delivery with our own fleet of modern vehicles.

We have an internal restaurant for our staff, in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

In 2011 we launched our own brand of products for children, with pacifiers and baby bottles WITHOUT BISPHENOL A and WITHOUT PHTHALATES: “MAMELA”, approved by the INTI, the Ministry of Health of the Nation and INAL.