Rubber Stoppers and

Discs Liners.

The exclusive line of rubber stoppers and discs is the result of more than 40 years of experience in the production of rubber components for the pharmaceutical industry.

The bromobutyl rubber stoppers for 13 and 20 mm injectables are manufactured according to the IRAM 9071-2 CLASS 13-A and 20-A Standard.

The materials of our products are specially formulated to satisfy the needs of each client according to the components they pack. Our rubber products are washed and controlled in a Clean Area, with filtered and conditioned air, and facilities according to the GMP.

Bromobutyl rubber stoppers for 13 mm vial mouth.

Código: T-3025

Bromobutyl rubber stoppers for 16 mm vial mouth.

Código: T-3021

Bromobutyl rubber stoppers for 20 mm vial mouth

Código: T-3020

Bromobutyl rubber stoppers for 20 mm vial mouth.

Código: T-3023

Bromobutyl rubber discs for 18mm caps.

Código: D-05

Bromobutyl rubber discs for 28mm caps.

Código: D-30

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