Plastic Dosing


The safest and most accurate option for oral dosing liquid medications.

Capacities range from 0.5 to 20.0 ml, and we rapidly develop new designs at the request of our clients.

The dimension of our dosing cups provide an excellent fit with our plastic caps with tamper evident ring, as well as with the standard 28 mm mouth aluminum caps.

We also offer the printing service in one or more colors, thanks to our screen printing technologies.

Client’s brand name engraved in the mold in each cup model.

Cubicity printed in colors. Cubicity engraved in mold.

Exclusive Desigs at the request of our clients.
Cups for 28 mm aluminium caps.
Cups for 15 mm plastic caps.
Cups for 28 mm plastic caps.
Cups for 28 mm Child Resistant caps.
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