Development of automatic machines.

We have an Engineering Department that develops automatic machines for the packaging of pharmaceutical products.

We offer an exclusive closing head with magnetic torque adjustment and their respective stainless steel nozzles, adaptable to all machines on the market that precisely and safely places our tamper evident caps on the bottles.

We produce an economical model of semiautomatic machine for closing containers with tamper evident plastic cap containers, ideal for small and medium productions

Semi automaticmachine for closing plastic caps with tamper evident ring, with double electro pneumatic safety actuation and magnetic closing head. Steps of its operation:

Placing the cap on the
mouth of the bottle.

Placing the bottle
in the machine.

Activation of the closing system of the machine.

Removing the closed
container from the machine.

Special stainless steel nozzles for magnetic closing head specifically designed for each tamper-evident cap model.

Closing head with magnetic clutch and compression regulation. The unique “zero maintenance” magnetic clutch system does not vary the closing torque of the caps throughout production. Designed to close tamper evident plastic caps from 14 to 40 mm diameter. Adaptable to all the closing machines on the market.

Manual device for placing plastic inserts in the mouth of the containers. Designed to place plastic inserts from 14 to 28 mm.

The service we provide to our clients is very low cost, achieving optimization and efficiency in each process where our tamper evident caps and plastic containers are used. Through personalized treatment with each client and the study of each particular case, we have manufactured and modified automatic machines in national and international first line pharmaceutical laboratories.

Adaptation of vibration and rotary feeders. Designed to feed and position inserts and plastic caps with tamper evident ring from 14 to 40 mm diameter. Adaptable to all machines of the market.

Adaptation of automatic machines for plastic caps with tamper evident ring. Designed to place inserts and screw tamper evident plastic caps from 14 to 40 mm diameter.

Manufacture of star for plastic bottles, with station for placing caps, closing with magnetic head and mechanical anti rotation brake system. We have made modifications to all machine brands of the market.